Tesla Q4 Earnings Report Date

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The automaker has been boasting about how the China-made Model 3 is proving very capital efficient and the preparations for the start of Model Y production in Fremont are also going to require much less capital than Model 3 production. More color on that as one is about to start production and the preparations for the other is ramping up would be appreciated. But we'll talk more about that on the official product launch, which will be tomorrow afternoon. And I think Zachary has some remarks as well. Thank you, Martin. Q3 was a great quarter for Tesla. I know many employees are listening right now, and I want to thank you for your passion and your hard work. We've made terrific progress, and yet again, we realized margin improvements in nearly every aspect of the business. There are three key points I would like to highlight. First, we returned to profitability in Q3, aided by improved gross profit, reduced operating expenses and the absence of negative one-time items that weighed on our financials in the first half of the year. GAAP automotive gross margin improved sequentially to We achieved these improvements through higher production volumes on Model S, Model X and Model 3, enabling better fixed cost absorption. We realized improvements in labor hours per vehicle as well as other costs such as warehousing, logistics, delivery and import related items. We are also making continued progress reducing material costs, including commercial negotiations with suppliers. Model S and X ASPs increased even accounting for revenue deferrals related to free unlimited supercharging. North American ASPs held flat as mix improved, offsetting pricing action we took at the start of the quarter, which is great to see. As we expand Smart Summon to additional markets and release new features, we will continue to recognize additional deferred revenue. Our services and other loss reduced yet again, reflecting our focus to improve efficiency of this area of the business, and we further reduced operating expenses despite increased orders, deliveries and new programs in development. And finally, on net income and other income, we saw benefits from foreign exchange, which as I mentioned last quarter, we don't hedge. The second key point I want to highlight is that we demonstrated another quarter of strong free cash flows despite a significant increase in our captive leasing mix and a sequential increase in capex spend. This has enabled year to date positive free cash flows for the company. Specifically, on captive leases, we've received a number of questions on how these are funded. We use our leasing warehouse and ABS sales to allow for captive leases without material use of cash. What's important to note here is that our warehouse and ABS flow through financing cash flow, and as a result, leases negatively impact free cash flow. In addition, capex spend increased, driven primarily by Gigafactory Shanghai and Model Y spending. We've received a number of questions on why our capital spending appears low compared to prior levels, even though there are multiple new projects launching and in development. As we noted in the shareholder letter this quarter and last quarter, this is because we've made great progress on improving our capital efficiency. My third and final point is around demand and growth. Our global order rate remains strong and continues to increase. Despite increases to production levels, our order backlog has been growing, and quarter to date orders are significantly higher than at this point in last quarter. In the immediate term, we're focused on increasing production of Model 3 and Model S and Model X as quickly as we can. The bulk of this work involves continued optimization of existing equipment. We've also made targeted adjustments to pricing to better balance supply and demand. Our pace of execution on these factories and capacity expansion has increased significantly. As Elon mentioned, the first phase of Gigafactory Shanghai is already production-ready, and we've been able to pull in the timeline for other major projects. Overall, we are quickly turning the corner for our next phase of growth and our financial health continues to strengthen. We remain focused on reducing cost which enables rapid investments in future programs and growth. My name is Kanal Girotra, and I've been with Tesla for about four years working on different aspects of deploying our energy products. I now run Tesla Energy's deployment and fulfillment teams. Over the last three months, the energy teams have made great progress in both our Solar and Energy Storage businesses. In the last three months, we relaunched Tesla Solar in North America by simplifying our solar offering into three sizes of small, medium and large with transfer and pricing on the website. What a lot of people don't realize is, in California and in a number of other states, if you buy our sort of solar subscription or solar rental, there's no money down, and you instantly save on your utility bill, and there's no long-term contract. It's really, do you want something that prints money? And if it doesn't print money, we'll fix it or take it back. It's kind of a no-brainer. And it sort of plays into Tesla's overarching strategy here which is effectively to become a giant distributor global utility The subscription solar offering that you mentioned has launched in six states, and like you said, it's six monthly payments and no long-term contracts, and the response from customers has been pretty awesome so far. And then, if you add sort of the Powerwall, which gives you blackout protection so you'll have energy security in the event of rolling blackouts or if the power goes out for any reason, which appears to be a long-term systemic issue in California particularly, that I think is definitely going to be viewed as a significant asset for any home. Yeah, I think to your point of buying Tesla Solar is easy because we have one of the lowest prices in the nation now, in the country, and just a little bit of story there. We were able to lower our prices because our cost of acquisition is now less than a quarter of any typical solar company. But would you rather pay for power or for marketing? I'd say, you would rather pay for the product. That's great. On solar, we've also simplified the fulfillment process with a goal of really fast order to install timelines. We've done many residential installs with a single related to a customers' home because of the reduced complexity. We've also been working with cities and counties to submit generic permits that follow a template rather than customizing for every situation, because I want people to appreciate the great work by you and the energy team to get this done, because one of the inhibitors, both from a cost and timing standpoint, is getting permit approval from these various regional authorities, and we've pioneered a novel approach. It's sort of an innovation applied to bureaucracy frankly, which enterprising and planning vision which are anything. And we've gotten a massive number of housing approval authorities to take a generic template, as opposed to a custom template, which makes it -- and in most cases I think electronic, as well. Musk said last year that he expected Tesla to be sustainably profitable beginning in the third quarter of Earnings were hit on a number of fronts, the company said, citing a decline in revenue from the sale of regulatory credits, higher import duties on parts from China as well as lower prices on the Model S and Model X in China and a lower-priced midrange version of the Model 3. But the highest of 23 estimates projects that Tesla will turn a non-GAAP profit of 34 cents per share. If not, important questions loom. Bulls still can point to the potential for growth in and from China. Since trades have not actually been executed, results may have under- or over-compensated for the impact, if any, of certain market factors, such as lack of liquidity, and may not reflect the impact that certain economic or market factors may have had on the decision-making process. Further, backtesting allows the security selection methodology to be adjusted until past returns are maximized. For the long-term, though, it has to be seen as a positive that Tesla is continuing to deliver a record number of sales and deliveries. The Model S capturing the top spot in the luxury sedan sector is a huge positive, and sales could continue to climb as more consumers decide to make the switch to electric vehicles. Long-term investors may hope for a drop in Tesla's stock following the Q3 earnings call, as it could provide a nice bargain to start a new position or add to an existing one.

The good news for Tesla is that demand for its products remains strong. In recent years, however, report bottlenecks limited the company's ability to meet that demand.

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Tesla q4 earnings report date

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Tesla q4 earnings report date